Elmhurst Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services are dedicated to bring a grand solution to toilet problems at affordable rates and with unique features. This product has been acclaimed the world over for its high utility. Elmhurst Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services are committed to good service and high hygiene standards. A fleet of trucks along with trained staff are able to deliver and service facilities at anytime and anywhere. The excellent customer service provided by the company has won it repeat orders from clients.
The following fault can cause toilet problems:

  • Is the water level too high? If so, it may be running into the overflow pipe. Simply remove some water from the tank and the toilet should stop running.
  • Is the lift chain connected to the handle? If it has become disconnected, then the flush ball or flap may not be functioning properly when the user operates the flush handle.
  • Is there a hole in float? If so, the refill valve will not be operating properly as the valve will not be “telling” the system that the tank has already reached the required level.
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