Air conditioning


Elmhurst Sewer and Drain Cleaning have a specialist team dedicated to the residential market. We install systems into all types of dwellings and all rooms, from the conservatory through to the living room, bedroom and loft conversion. We provide customers with a fixed quotation and in addition can offer extended warranties and after care services. Air conditioner installation can range from simply plugging the unit into a wall socket to complicated central air conditioner installations involving a lot of work and money. The method you choose depends on the kind of air conditioner you choose, as well as cooling requirements, budget and the type of building the air conditioner will be installed into.

Call Elmhurst Sewer and Drain Cleaning today for a no- obligation design and quotation. Our air conditioning contractor services are personal and dedicated – also with a fantastic after-sales service, providing air conditioning maintenance, and repair and servicing. During the air conditioning installation the health and safety is of up most importance for our engineers and our clients.

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